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Current Projects

A quick round-up of projects happening at Abby Twigger Music...

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'The Lamb' Christmas album

I released my first physical album - The Lamb - for Christmas 2023. The whole experience was an education - to formatting artwork, working out how to get people the files they need, to production, recording, and trying to fit it all around my young family..,. whew!

Easter Cantata

January-March 2023 I co-wrote a Cantata called 'Women of Jesus' with fellow composer Sam Petchey, written for women's chorus and soloists. Live performances are in Staines and Hyde Park in March and April. We're open to performing it again in other locations, if you're interested let me know! Sheetmusic will be available soon, watch this space.


2022-23 Songs

I am currently recording and producing some of my 2022-23 songs and first released on Spotify (and everywhere else!) in July 2023. Two months in and I have several song releases... and I'm now learning on the job how to promote and share them!! Not my favourite part but necessary!

New Commissions

There are always more songs on the go... I'm currently bouncing around ideas for a school musical, plus a few other things I'll keep under my hat for now...

I love it when people reach out asking for a song for their wife, theatre production, school group... I'm always happy to talk through how I can help and I can write you a bespoke song.

Email me to discuss at

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