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Hello, it's Abby!

I am an emerging composer living in North-East Scotland. I love home, forests, hot chocolate, pretty patterns, and travelling, and in 2022 I discovered I also love to write songs!

I hear pretty tunes everywhere. There's nothing quite like the buzz, therapy and fun of playing with melody and words!

My music is influenced by indie, folk, pop, jazz, and spiritual genres. People say my music is peaceful and intimate; emotionally direct as well as soft.

In Summer 2023 I released my first songs to streaming, released my debut album for Christmas 2023 with co-writer Sam Petchey, and our piece 'The Lamb' for women's chorus won the Making Music Classic FM Carol competition and was broadcast by Margarita Taylor on Classic FM Drive on 22nd December - my first radio play! 

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My Story

I was born in South-East England, the eldest of six children, and we all played instruments and sang. My Dad used to take us all busking on the streets of Ipswich at Christmas! I've always loved to sing; I was in a girls choir growing up, chapel evensong while at uni and I'm now in a barbershop chorus. Joining the chorus after years of not doing much musically and being a Mum full-time ignited a love of writing music.

I write about everything I think about - being human and all the feelings that come with it, love, friendship, stuff that's real, stuff I've heard,  I notice it all and stash it away for future use... 


Are you interested in a commission or a co-write?

I would love to hear from you! :) 

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