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The Lamb - women's chorus score

The Lamb - women's chorus score


The Lamb by Abby Twigger and Sam Petchey, arranged for 4-part acapella women's chorus, as heard on my Christmas album, The Lamb.


Version also available for a solo singer accompanied by piano, and for SATB choir, please see my other listings.


Listen to the original song for solo and voice and piano here.


Included: Sheetmusic pdf of a 4-part women's chorus score.


You may make sufficient copies for your women's quartet or chorus with this purchase. Please honour our copyright by not sharing outside of your singing group. Thank you :)


This arrangement is not for the faint hearted. Please be aware that the highest part's top note is a top a. The lowest part's lowest note is an e below middle c.


**Note: this is a digital download; after you purchase you will receive an email with the pdf download. No physical product will be sent.


The Lamb

Through fields and rivers I have wandered to get a glimpse of a King
Though all in Bethlehem are sleeping the angels said to visit Him
With nothing more than I'm wearing
A shepherd's crook held in my hand
Others follow on behind me, leaving all the lambs

I enter and I kneel before him, the babe the angels said would be
Wrapped and lying in a manger
What kind of Saviour can he be?
He surely cannot save a nation
He'll make an ordinary man
They said that he would bring salvation, but He is just a Lamb

Mule and oxen round about him it's hard to see why there's a fuss
I thought that we would come and see him in a place more glorious
But then he turned his head to face me
I'm sure he moved his tiny hand
I'm nothing like I was before this, before I met The Lamb

And now I see His face before me I feel his outstretched hand
I'm nothing like I was before this
Before I knew The Lamb

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