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The Lamb CD

The Lamb CD


A collection of ten songs newly composed and sung by renowned Scotland-based composer Abby Twigger. Arranged in various forms for orchestra, choir or the intimacy of piano and voice by fellow composer Sam Petchey. This array of songs point to the true meaning of Christmas, bringing the spirit of Christ to the season. From the exciting, bell-fest of He's the Gift, to the tranquil calm of Peace, Abby Twigger's music speaks simply and profoundly of love, humanity, family and discovery. Her melodies carry the meaning of each word, intertwined by counter-melodies and accompaniments written by Sam Petchey. As her debut album, this is an exclusive opportunity to discover such a rising, unique voice and style.


The perfect Christmas gift!


The CD will be posted to the address given on your order after 1st December. 


A link to download the album digitally is included for free. This will be sent to the email on your order after 24th November.

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